Friday, May 14, 2010


Potlatch, I Gather Tapes #003
Peter's House Music/ Dim Diamond split cassette
C-50, Numbered edition of 200
Color risograph insert
Artwork by Matthew Thurber

$6.00/plus $2.00 shipping

This split tape documents the solo musical journeys of Peter Schuette and Aviram Cohen from the NYC band Silk Flowers.

PETER'S HOUSE MUSIC is a humorously forthright exploration of electronic dance music. Although completely acceptable as club music and for art openings and romantic occasions, it satisfies in another way with strange, wobbly compositions and sudden left turns. Not unlike the feeling of zooming your car in the OutRun videogame off towards distant and unattainable mountains, PETER'S HOUSE MUSIC will surely entertain you even as it disorients.

DIM DIAMOND presents an austere landscape over which drum machines march like robotic pilgrims, carrying briefcase aquariums to the shrine of throbbing gristle. Above this bleak and tasty horizon swoop beautiful echoplex and tone generator satellites guided by the hands of a master. Aviram Cohen's long running solo act is cherished by those lucky enough to have seen one of his rare performances, and this instrumental composition will leave you begging for more!!

Or send check payable to Matthew Thurber at:

Potlatch, I Gather
PO Box 145
Van Brunt Station
Brooklyn NY 11215


DIM SUM said...

sometimes things just work out, and a fine steed is borne out of the darkness

does "potlatch" work on the barter system

can one, perhaps, send eggs in the mail

I.M.A. Pelican said...

alternate currencies accepted:
easter eggs
fine wines
top hat sculpture
gardening tools