Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The new Ambergris album "Snake Music" is now available on CD-R, in handmade packaging with a spraypainted stencil cover and enclosed lyric sheet. These are the best Ambergris songs ever made, hearkening from the period of 2009-2010 when the band performed as a two-piece with Gabe Fowler. Many classics of the "Anti-Matter Cabaret" tradition are included here such as "Cat's Blood Miso Soup", "Air Conditioning Repairmen", "Robot Maid", and "Commit Suicide". The home recording production, due to the introduction of computer technology, has grown lush but never indulgent, with the lyrics and melody always the first concern. Influenced by sources as diverse as Gilbert and Sullivan, Flipper, Monotrona, and Greek Rembetika music, "Snake Music" is a guaranteed delight for any listener.

Edition of 100
Potlatch, I Gather # 005
$8.00- including shipping

or: mail $$$ to
Matthew Thurber
PO BOX 330940
Brooklyn, NY 11233

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