Tuesday, September 27, 2011


RAP preview is live!

1-800-MICE is now available from Picturebox and in bookstores.


vollsticks said...

PLEASE PUBLISH THE LYRICS SOMEWHERE! And no, I'm not too lazy to figure 'em out, I've made a decent stab at it but there's some places where you're flippin' those syllables like The Rza and it's tough to figure out the exact words.
Received my copy of the book yesterday. Definitely a work possessed by genius. In fact I love all your stuff. "Produce The Corpse" was especially good.
What do you think to the post 1973 Can discography? Flow Motion and Soon Over Babaluma are worth a listen. Holger Czukay did some good solo stuff, too.
Thanks for your time, Mr. Thurber. All the best!


I.M.A. Pelican said...

Dear Ant, this is Easter Westerling, Thurber's intern: here's what I have accomplished so far:

Dial it, file it under "Wildness Incarnate"
1-800-MICE dial it never running autopilot
groomfiends stylish ride gets maximum mileage"

I hope to have more next week after my midterms end

vollsticks said...

I have that part! Sorry. Thanks for your effort though Mr. (Ms.? Mrs.?) Westerling.