Sunday, January 6, 2013


Dear readers,

As you may know, the comic strip INFOMANIACS that I am currently working on (viewable at )has a complicated plot and a large cast of characters. Some of them are based on the physical appearances of real people, most are imaginary or composites, but in any case, there is a constant need to populate the strip with different faces.

I am going to try out a new experiment. For a limited time, you can purchase the ability to BECOME A CARTOON CHARACTER in this strip. I will work from photographs you supply to incorporate YOU into the storyline.
There are three levels of "appearance":

A Minor Character. You will take on a small role in the INFOMANIACS plotline, and will have multiple lines of dialogue.
Price: $100 (Limited to 5)
EXAMPLE: "The Cabbie" appeared in one episode for three panels, with three balloons worth of dialogue with a major character.

A speaking role. Your character will have at least one line.
Price: $50 (Limited to 10)
EXAMPLE: "A Nun" appeared in two panels and delivered one line.

An "extra". 
You will appear in one or two panels, or in a crowd scene, with no speaking lines. 
Price: $20 (Limited to 20)
EXAMPLE: "Victorian Lady" on the right appeared for only one panel.
To participate, please reserve your character ASAP by contacting 

DISCLAIMER: You will not be able to choose your character's name. Some of the participants may find themselves playing roles that they find objectionable or unsavory...that's show biz. The character based on you will become part of the work of INFOMANIACS, copyright Matthew Thurber. You will be thanked if you wish in the credits upon publication of the graphic novel.

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