Sunday, May 5, 2013

“REMAIN CALM” the new LIMITED EDITION of ONLY 23 !!!! CDR release by COURT STENOGRAPHER & YOUNG SHERLOCK HOLMES JR. (AKA B.Belott & M.Thurber) on Potlatch, I Gather is now available, for 8$ postage paid in USA…PAYPAL to diamondsnout(at) Incredibly this CD’s cover sports a raw and original collage, possibly incorporating the LIFE DRAWINGS of TEENAGERS or the NEWSPAPER NOTATIONS OF THE INSANE. But what about the music??? ….recorded late 2012 on hi-fidelity microphone technology…untrammeled, trampled, scampering, lavish, jazz lymphonies formed of primordial word mud by two men who eat dictionaries at dairy Queen. Containing hymns and sound wave experiments, radio plays, banjo ghost folk tales, self referential hooliganism, Babylonian glossolalia, the hits “The Vice Device”, “Drinkin’ Too Much Seltzer” and “Makin’ A Movie”….and finally, the 15 minute spoken word Opus “Remain Calm” itself…truly, it will Zamfir your cortex and possibly replace Prozac forever, so fire your psychiatrist and acquire REMAIN CALM today! Available only through this Internet portal, and on a shelf at Tomato House until supplies last (May 28, Mt. St. Helens eruption anniversary)… PICK THE COVER YOU WANT AND paypal to diamondsnout(at)  !!!!
DO IT!!!! NOW!!!! Vote for Blue Ray Dave!!!!!

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