Thursday, May 29, 2014


"A Musical Adventure in Modern Geology"
--- written and directed by Matthew Thurber. Only at the BRICK THEATER'S COMIC BOOK THEATER FESTIVAL.

Starring Ric Royer! Leah Wishnia! Laura Perez-Harris! Austin English! Rebecca Bird! Dave Nuss! Raven Burnett! Kendra Sullivan! Marlene Frontera!


A werewolf who happens to be the president of the Unites States has remained in power by arresting the movement of the Moon. A cabal of businessmen have their sights on harvesting the lunar coal deposits, and attempt to depose him with the help of the last remaining Native Americans who hope to build a giant casino on their reservation that will reach into space – unless they can be stopped by President Furzedowne and his accomplice, a talking horse named Mr. Colostomy.

Inspired by the deadpan theatrical works of Raymond Roussel and the puppetry–influenced plays of Alfred Jarry, as well 19th century Bowery melodrama, Matthew Thurber’s musical adaptation of his own comic is enhanced by elaborate costumes, painted backdrops, scrolls, and lo–fi special effects.

60 minutes

Sun 6/8, 5pm
Tue 6/10, 7pm
Sat 6/21, 8pm
Thu 6/26, 7pm

$18---tickets and more info at

Tickets and more information

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