Thursday, January 1, 2015

That Was the Year That Was

Hi, it's now 2015... Unbelievable!
Lists are bad, very bad, bad for the mind, bad for the soul.
Lists are bad, very very bad and that is why we must produce them,
lists of data, end of year lists, naughty and nice, Heaven and Hell.


ART COMIC,  issue #1 of a new comic series, was published by Swimmers Group. You can order it here.

MINING THE MOON, a full length musical I wrote and directed, was performed at the Brick Theater in June 2014. The cast was amazing as were the backdrops made by Rebecca Bird. Here is the full video.

The first issue of Handwriting Analysis was produced. This is an ongoing project involving more than 100 participants submitting handwriting samples for analysis to the Pelican Institute of Graphology. You can read more here.

My year began with a great trip to Toronto and a solo show "IVANHOE" at Weird Things gallery. Forgot to take pictures. Later some people burned the Ivanhoe sculpture on the beach.

"Extended Baguette"...human puppet show performance with Brian Belott at Petrella's Imports on May 17. video HERE.

"Undead Toucan" Pantomime inspired performance with Austin English and Leah Wishnia at Brain Frame, in April . Video HERE.

"Song of Stagley Bypass" performance with the Cuticles at Gridlords, in Portland OR in April. Photos HERE

"Letter to A Young Cartoonist" was an article I wrote for The Comics Journal trying to think through the consequences of accepting digital platforms as a valid publishing outlet.

I conducted this interview with the amazing artist and musician Carlos Gonzalez, also for TCJ, in May of 2014.

Ambergris performance in February at Tagine VIDEO here
Scroll Performance at Carousel at Dixon Place, in December.
Court Stenographer and Young Sherlock Holmes Jr. performance at The Ho_se, November VIDEO here
Court Stenographer and Young Sherlock Holmes Jr. at Storefront Ten Eyck, VIDEO here

 Greenpoint Terminal Gallery "Tip Top" group show.
Space 1026, Philadelphia "Freak Scene East" group show.
Catalyst gallery, Beacon NY "That's My Resume" group show and scroll performance.

Tomato House  a space which I co-run with Rebecca Bird, had a busy fall with exhibitions by Erin Dunn, Amelia Bauer and Molly Welch, and Anya Davidson. We also hosted an animation screening called The Magic Floot in September, which was reviewed here in Artnews, and a screening and performance by Leif Goldberg in December.


Russell Hoban, Riddley Walker, Turtle Diary, Pilgermann. (Hoban was one of the most important discoveries for me this year.)
Pies, Kot I... (Polish cartoon series about Dog and Cat)
Savage Messiah by Ken Russell
Takashi Miike, Osaka Tough Guys, Full Metal Yakuza
Derek Jarman Caravaggio
Punch and Judy by George Cruikshank/Collier

History of Pantomime by R.J. Broadbent
Lale Westvind's art show at Booklyn
Sigmar Polke art show at MOMA
Karl Ove Knausgaard, My Struggle Vols. 1 and 2

Kenneth Gaburo Music for Voices, Instruments and Electronic Sounds
Prof. Irwin Corey Entertains at Le Ruban Bleu  (best record I bought this year...completely out of control, audience dying)

An untold number of comic books.

Lots more... but who has the time to sit around thinking about every stupid cultural artifact you consumed?!?!?!? Do more in the Real World in 2015 and have a great New Year!!!

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