Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 Stenographic Accounting.

So happy its 2016!!!!
Highlights of this year:

Mouse Maze is now installed permanently at PS35Q in Jamaica, Queens. thanks to Samantha Holmes the brilliant fabricator! (see pic above.)

Art Comic #2 and #3 were released by

Also available with other books at

Drawn and Quarterly announced that they will be releasing the collected Art Comic graphic novel...sometime...

An excerpt of INFOMANIACS (2013) appeared in the Jonathan Lethem-edited Best American Comics 2015.

Are Snakes Necessary #4, containing Handwriting Analysis, was produced in an edition of 50, now sold out.

Mrs. William Horsley is a new puppet theater dedicated to experimental science based works, pre cinematic performances and Punch and Judy shows, containing a small mobile bar.... Several works were performed in 2015: (links to video) "Personal Item" at Dixon Place in Feb. 2015  and "Eklipso" at Standard Toykraft in April 2015. Also performed "Jailcation" at the Wythe Hotel for the CAB festival in November.

Following the CAKE festival in Chicago, the AMBERGRIS OLFACTORY NASORCHESTRA performed at the Observatory, and was nearly run out of town for smelling up the place.

Performances with Brian Belott as Court Stenographer and Young Sherlock Holmes Jr were as follows:
July 2015: A comedy show at the Funny Hole.
May 2015 at NADA fair in Basketball City.
May 10, 2015 at 247365 for Mr. Belott's art show Dr. Kid President Jr.
Below: NADA fair.

Tomato House  went into dormant state after a great run of shows: Laura Perez-Harris' "Belly of the Beast", Ian Gerson's "Future Floor," and posters by Caroliner and also Commode Minstrels in Bullface.

I had a short comic published in Lumpen (Download comics issue here)
Reviewed Bendik Kaltenborn's book "Adult Contemporary" at
Wrote a piece on Tim Hensley's "Ticket Stub" for American Book Review
Had a piece in Smoke Signal, Winter 2015.

Sibyl Kempson's play "Fondly, Colette Richland" at NY Theater Workshop
Rebecca Bird's solo shows at William Holman Gallery and Kopeikin Gallery
Ulrike Ottinger films esp. "Joan of Arc of Mongolia"
The Roger Brown Study Collection, Chicago
The Velaslavasy Panorama
Walerian Borowcyzk retrospective at Lincoln center
The Lagon Revue
Sculpting In Time by Tarkovsky
Little Better Books
Lane Milburn comics
Performances by Macula Dog
Performances by CE Schneider Topical
The Mythology of S. Clay Wilson books from Fantagraphics
Erik Duvivier's film of "La Femme 100 Tetes"
Guy Maddin's The Forbidden Room
Hungarian Folk Music 3 LP set
Planet Fitness

And gawrsh that is about it, besides lots of writing, drawing, teaching, playing music in the basement and other unprintable matters. Happy new year!

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