Saturday, April 30, 2016



New drawings by MT Shelves, aka Matthew Thurber.

These are all pencil and colored pencil drawings on paper. Some drawings are perforated with a secondary image hiding in the negative space, an idea inspired by shadow puppets or Victorian postcards.

Watch out! Dangerfield! flashing bike lights reveal another thing to think about! Gaze into the latent acupuncture! Hissing victrola pencil! Your imagery is always a concealment!

Can you please get that horse off the barrel? Its time's up

But first: we must relive 2015. The musk of militarized Security-boar climax. We went (Freddie) gray-scale, in despair. Victim expired turning into laundry. World map laid out to dry before door to door Doctors. Rodney's face appeared in the moon to tell USA bowtie nose to stop fracking it. Total oracle, Bro. Draw back the paper curtains: Introducing "Bowtie Nose" into the 'vocabulary'.

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